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Stefani Longshamp

UI Designer, print and branding

When I started studying design in the 2000s, the Harry Potter books were just being released in Hebrew, and there was a huge buzz around this new magical world that was revealed to us straight from London. Just as Harry Potter's surprise at his timetable with subjects like 'History of Magic', 'Potions', and 'Transfiguration' - I received my own schedule, filled with courses like 'History of Art', 'Typography', design, techniques, and other courses that seemed to me like studying magic.

From CMYK to RGB

I began my career in print companies, enjoying designing books, posters, and various products. I developed my UI design skills at a project company - creating diverse websites for clients like Cofix, Müller, The Jerusalem Foundation, Havat Teko, and others.
COVID-19's onset prompted me to open my own studio in 2021, focusing on UI design, branding & illustration. Since then, I've been workingwith a steady clientele and collaborative partners.

My own studio

Work with Tmura software company on apps UI and digital products, including 'Admiral' - a unique project management system. Brand & design 'Coollanoo' - a modular trading app, tailoring it to Tmura's diverse clients like Bezeq and Israel Police.
My work spans UI design for a Jerusalem museum's enterprise website,
UI projects with the talented Peanuts Studio for startups and social media design.
Wix website customization - from UX to design implementation.

I also enjoy unique projects like 'The Little Chef' (project that integrates read and cook, distributed in Jerusalem's kindergartens), blending design with illustration.

So, shall we talk?

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