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Welcome to my world of illustration

I am thrilled by lines, color blotches, and a variety of creative techniques. I am in love with the textures of paper and inspirations on Pinterest.

I moved from using pastel and watercolors to digital illustration, where there's no more brush cleaning and 'Command+Z' easily fixes errors. Imagine if life had a 'Command+Z' - it would solve so many problems!
I also cherish the dynamic relationship between text and illustration, with each element amplifying the other's impact and uniqueness.

About two years ago, I started challenge of #One_Illustration_Day, a simple creation within
a fixed time frame. This challenge instilled discipline in me, and sharing it on social networks led to persistence in creation, with a loyal audience eagerly waiting for each new piece.
Maybe it's time for my next challenge!

Design & illustration Bat mitzva diary 2017
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