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UI Application | Brand

Part from the app "Admiral" - a unique project management system, 
design to Tmura - software company | 2022-2023


The project

Admiral is an advanced cloud-based system by Tmura Projects for managing time and project-based businesses. It provides unique tools for budget management, client handling, lead tracking, and profitable ordering, enabling early identification and resolution of budget deviations and profitability issues. Admiral's billing and collection system features a separate control layer, allowing for unique or combined analysis of team hours and customer billing data.

From desktop to mobile

Tmura is currently updating the desktop interface to a new, user-friendly application to enhance the experience of its many clients. My primary task was to develop a new language and user experience design based on a specification being built simultaneously by an external specifier.


The Challenge:

A Task, a Sub-Project, and a Project Walk into a Bar -
A multitude of tasks and projects consolidated into a single daily list.

The Solution:

Creating a Hierarchy, an Organized Catalog, and an Excellent Filtering System.
Users of the application face a wide range of clients, projects, and tasks. We created a distinction between clients using unique names and colors, as well as a clear separation according to the size of the projects, sub-projects, and tasks. Every project with associated expenses like travel or documents receives an indication on the main reporting page. Even with long lists, employees can easily scroll or filter to find the needed task..

The Challenge

Old and Familiar
VS. New, Different and Modern


The Solution

Gentle Renewal with a Clean and Classic Graphic Language.

For Tmura's long-time desktop system users, I've refreshed the logo to be new and light, yet still formal and recognizable.
The application's graphic language is clean, allowing tasks to stand out.
On the home page, we offer suitable messages and banners without compromising the core user experience. The simple and classic color palette enables client differentiation in lists and search components, and icons can be added as the application expands.

More feature coming soon!

The design of the app is ongoing, and soon
we will be introducingmore exciting designs and solutions.

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