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Modular trading app, tailoring it to Tmura's diverse clients, including Bezeq, Israel Police, Ashmoret, the Electric Company, and others | 2021


Exciting and Personalized Platform

"Coollanoo", the product of "Tmura" software house,
​is a modular application designed for e-commerce sites to employee clubs.
It enables the purchase of products, vacations, tickets, subscriptions, gifts, and more, with ongoing maintenance and precise interface adjustments according to customer needs, including design adaptation to the target audience.



Brand and UX Design

In my role, I worked on rebranding the product, creating a logo, and a basic graphic language to represent Tmura's platform.
The challenge was to design a basic yet exciting, classic yet flexible platform. I opted for a classic and familiar style, based on banners, categories, and varying rubrics, designed in different styles for uniqueness and emphasis.
I focused on using pastel colors and appropriate icons for each category. Additionally, the slanted square display was intended to add a sense of movement and allow for a fresh and aesthetic combination of fixed and changing categories.


mockup-phone-held-by-woman-who-is-touching-screen-living-room copy.png

We're Here for You!

I created the logo for Coollanoo, combining the words
"cool" + "everyone" in Hebrew, with the letter C symbolizing a smile and a figure.

The logo reflects the goal of providing employees and customers with a pleasant and enjoyable experience in shopping, vacations, and shows.


coollanoo_icon grid.png
coollanoo_app dock2.png

Give your employees a break!

Shopping | Shows | Vacations | Attractions

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